Today’s Prayer Requests

by | Jan 9, 2014

Prayer Requests:

1 Samuel 12:23  Moreover, as for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord by ceasing to pray for you…….

Please pray for Jessica’s Mom she is having surgery today for an aneurysm in her brain.

Please pray so we can find my daughter and grandkids that being missing since October 23,2013. Also for the only person that know we’re they that he can speak up so we can find them. Also pray that God continue giving me strength to go thru this. Thanks Felicita

Please pray for Maggie – she is a young lady that has a severe spinal injury due to a tractor falling on her.  This is an update from her brother from December 20th.  She is now doing rehab to strengthen her upper body:Thank you everyone for all your support. My sister is doing well and has been nothing but brave… and ESPECIALLY peaceful through everything. Until today she didn’t know what she was facing. When she found out this morning her first words to me were “Josh now I GET to play in a wheelchair!” She has been nothing but peaceful and calm and thankful…and she has done nothing but smile.  Thank you for all your support and love. ~Josh

I need you to pray for Dahlia my cousin and myself so that we get married . both of us are over 30 now and we feel lonely and need to meet our soul mates . Dahlia also is suffering from depression please pray that god fills her with his joy.  Thank you, Mary


My name is Lori. I request prayer for my family as we are struggling financially. I was in school full time( I took a leave because of unexplained headaches which I’m having an MRI for Saturday) My husband works full time but it is just enough for bills.. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get extra for Christmas for our 5 kids. They understand, and we know what the season is really about and I want to believe God will provide a way… Thank you and bless you for your devotions, I look forward to them every day!!!


I am requesting a prayer for my mother Olga who needs prayer for a job and financial breakthrough. I pray for peace in my workplace. I pray for Brent for blessings on studying for a new position and journey in life and his music.  And health and happiness for my children. For myself I pray for job security and financial breakthrough.  And for family issues to be put to and end.


My prayer request is for my son.  He is 19 years old and has been consumed by video games.  He went off to college, where he did not get into drugs or drinking like so many college students; I thank God every day for that.  However, he did continue his addiction to online gaming.  He is a bit better since we have made him come home after his first year (and continued prayers).  He has a job, but then spends all other time on the computer.  I pray that he will be freed from this strong hold and begin to make better choices for his life.  He is planning to re-enroll in the local college, but has not looked ahead far enough to know how he is going to pay for it.  He is a wonderful boy who gave his heart to Jesus when he was about 10.  He has strayed and does not attend church with me and his brothers, but does help out when he is needed for the kids programs.  Thank you so much for all prayers!



You are such a blessing to me every day and you are in my prayers daily asking God to continue leading you to get HIS message to me!!!  May Our Lord continue to bless you with explosive blessings.  As soon as I open my eyes I THANK GOD for a new day, and new blessings.  I ask to be a blessing unto HIM, and thank HIM for an honor to serve and glorify HIS name.  Gosh I don’t mean to start this out about me, but my prayer is I had a real bad fall 09/14 and 6 days later had a mammogram (schedule)  When I fell the impact was on my right breast, and the test showed in that breast the radiologist is calling them cysts two 5mm and 6mm.  However, he did say he cannot say they are from the fall, only they were not there last year.  I am scheduled in 6 months (March 31, 2014) to redo the test.  I asked if they could be broken blood vessels and he did say that was possible.  Please pray that the test will show all is gone and clean.  In the name of Jesus, I claim it and receive.  I believe in prayer warriors..  Thank you!!!!!  Sincerely,  Betty


Please pray that I will commit my life 100% I know I’m a Christian but I struggle daily with doing devotions. This is not what I want and I know god is disappointed in me. I enjoy your daily reads.
Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.


Requesting ongoing prayer for my nephew, who has turned from his dad.  Not for any specific reasons, just can’t seem to rekindle the love and respect for his dad.  His dad had a drinking problem when he was young, which led to a divorce. Basically, he has grown away and now lives quite a distance away.  There is communication, but very little.  Mostly, just courtesy calls to his dad.  Thank you, Opal


I have been made redundant and am struggling with life! Feel no excitement or happiness at all. Feel that I have been abandoned!


Please pray for Gods leading in either the restoration of or dissolution of my marriage. I am praying for healing and restoration but if God has a better plan I pray that is the direction he leads me.  Jodi


PERSONAL PRAYER  from anonymous:  in every area of my life I want to glorify God


Please also pray for Bill and I as we seek God’s direction in ministry.


Thank you for sharing all of your prayer requests and for praying for each other!  I will be praying for you all!  Please continue to pray and please keep us updated on any answers to prayer!

God Bless,

Janet Scott

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  1. Peggy holton

    I have ask God to be in each of these prayers. Some of their prayers are mine also. May God hear us and comfort us.