Trust His Plan

by | Nov 15, 2020

Jeremiah 29:11. “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans for peace and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.”

So, what are your plans?  That is a question we often ask each other but how often do we ask God that?  “So Lord, what are your plans for me today?”  God has a plan but sometimes we get so caught up in our own we miss it.  Don’t leave God sitting by the wayside while you do your own thing, allow Him to guide you in all you do.  

Life gets crazy at times and we are all so busy, too busy most of the time, and we miss seeking God and all He desires for us.  God has the ultimate plan for you, one that will bring peace to your home and not evil, one that will give you a future and hope.  Quit doing your own thing and trying to make it work!  Ask God today for His direction for His plan for your life.  You don’t want to miss out on God’s blessings of peace and hope by doing your own thing, do you?  

I know there are times ladies when we want a certain career or lifestyle thinking that is what is best for us and our families.  It can be a struggle giving up something that we feel is fulfilling and allow God to change things up so we can fulfill His plan.  I was used to working in an office, and being in charge, so when I landed at home taking care of everyone and being a “housewife, Mom, Mimi, hospice caregiver, etc.” it was an adjustment that didn’t come easy.  At first, I struggled with the idea that if I wasn’t making money anymore then how was I truly useful?  That is a crazy question really if you think about it.  Where do we come up with some of the crazy standards we have for self-worth these days?  You have to be careful because satan has a way of telling you lies to keep you from being content and in the process, you can miss out on the most fulfilling plans for your life. I learned things I would never have learned in an office being home and taking care of everyone. It was quite a struggle at times, it was by no means easy, but my walk with God is closer now than it has ever been because of it.

Don’t waste another minute or day doing your own thing, ask God for His direction and plans, and ask Him to give you the grace to make the adjustment if it is something you don’t feel you are going to be comfortable with.  God’s best is always best and if you follow His plan for you then according to this verse you can count on the fact that the best is truly yet to come for you!

Quote: “Hope never dies where faith is strong, and faith grows strong in the presence of hope.”  Chad Witmeyer