Urgent Need This Week

by | Jan 19, 2021

Would you pray about helping Chocolate and God?  Please know if you are unable to help, I totally understand and just ask that you would say a prayer.  There is NEVER any pressure for you to give.  

We have a few needs.  The software for our prayer room has to be purchased again, we renew it each year.  The prayer room enables ladies to post prayer requests and pray for each other.   We are launching Chocolate and God as an official 501 C3, which means we will be a non-profit ministry.  I’m also working on reaching more ladies to be in the Word of God daily.  For every $100 we can put towards a Facebook ad, we see over 300 women sign up to receive the Chocolate and God daily devotional.  Already this month nearly 600 ladies have signed up to receive our daily devotional.  So many need hope and we have what they are looking for.

Maybe you could help with a 100 gift.  I am praying for one person to make a $1000 gift but whatever size you are able to give, I want to send you my new book that’s on PDF.  The new e-book is From Fear to Faithit’s so new, that I am just now finishing writing this for you.  The need is $3000 by Wednesday, January 27th.

I love the fact every time we invest $100 in promoting Chocolate and God online we see over 300 women sign up to be in the Word daily.  That is so exciting.

I know this is a large goal, however, the thought of reaching so many more women with the Gospel excites me.  If there was ever a time we needed to pray it’s now, thus the reason to keep the prayer room open.

Again, for everyone who is able to make a donation, I’ll send you my new pdf book that I will finish writing this Friday.

HOW TO GIVE.  PayPal – CLICK HERE, Venmo – send to @janet-scott-11, CLICK HERE, and Credit Card – CLICK HERE

God bless,

Janet Scott
Founder, Chocolate and God