Wait Just A Second…..

by | Oct 18, 2015

Psalm 27:14
Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord!

I don’t know about you, but I hate to wait! I just can’t really think of a time where I was hoping to have to wait for something! When I first moved to Tennessee I had to go to the doctor for some tests for the job I was taking. I went to the doctors office at the scheduled time and figured I would be in and out because there was only one person ahead of me. An hour and a half later when I came out after 1 simple, little test the receptionist looked up at me and said, “wow! That was quick!” I just looked at her dumb founded and said, “it was?” Right then I knew I could be in trouble having moved from Northern Michigan to the south because you could get in and out of an emergency room faster than that! I should have known then that God was going to give me several lessons in “waiting” in the near future.

We live in a day and age where no one seems to want to wait on anything! We microwave our food even though it would taste better if we didn’t. We pay extra just to have something overnighted even though it really wouldn’t make any difference if we had to wait 5 days. We are an impatient people! When we do have to wait we grumble and complain and sometimes act like idiots! What is the deal? This verse not only says for us to learn to wait on the Lord but to be of good courage! In other words, take heart, it’s like God is telling you, “just hang on, this is going to be good!”  There are times when our greatest strength is learned while we wait.

If we would allow Him to, God would strengthen us and encourage us as we wait if we would just be still a minute and stop complaining like a 2 year old! God has all the time there is and I really don’t think He gets in much of a hurry. I do think there are times when we get impatient that He figures waiting a bit may help us to learn to not be so impatient! There are life lessons to learn in every situation! God can teach you something while you wait if you will just turn to Him and allow Him to. No one ever looks forward to waiting, let’s face it, but I would just like to encourage you if you are to “be of good courage and God will strengthen your heart!” He will give you what you need while you wait because He knows the best is yet to come!

“We all find time to do what we really want to do.” William Feather