Waiting Has Never Really Been One of My Strengths ~ How About You

by | Aug 13, 2020

Psalm 27:14. Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!


David almost seems to be convincing himself to wait on God in this verse!  If you read the rest of the chapter he praises God, he pleads with God, he complains about his adversaries and then he reminds himself to wait on the Lord and to be strong.  David knew how to be a godly man, it started with praise!  David was known as a man of praise, remember when he ticked off his wife by dancing and singing in the streets?  He reminded himself continuously of who God is and all the things God had done both for him and Israel! It is easier to wait on God if you are reminding yourself of who God is!  When you remember that nothing is too difficult for the Lord and that He loves you and knows what is best because He is the only one who can see the Big picture, it is easier to wait on Him!

Are you full of praise today for who God is?  When is the last time you truly poured your heart and soul into praising God?  When you are at church have the words just been flowing out of your mouth without much thought?  Praise God intentionally!  Do it on purpose, with your whole heart, mind, and soul!  Turn on some worship music today and honor Him with your praise!

Pour your heart out to Him for all you are waiting for!  Pray for the people around you!  Pray for our government leaders, my word they need it!!  Pray for your pastor!  Pray for whatever God lays on your heart to pray about, remembering who He is and thanking Him for His goodness and His answers!

Be strong today and let your heart take courage!  The God of all is on it and He will see you through!  You may not be able to see all the work He is doing behind the scenes but you can know that your waiting is not in vain!  God will come through and you will be better on the other side if you will just be strong and wait on Him!

Can you imagine how difficult it must have been for David to wait on the Lord when He could have killed King Saul while King Saul was trying to kill him?  Here David was having to hide in caves and run for his life because King Saul was jealous and wanting to kill him.  It couldn’t have been easy to have him delivered into David’s hand and for David to sit back and wait for God to take care of Saul instead of just doing it himself.  He had the ability but he didn’t act on it because he knew he needed to wait for God and His timing!  Waiting on God isn’t always about the answer not being in front of you sometimes the answer is there but it just isn’t His timing!  Pray for wisdom and strength because as you follow Him you can know that truly His best is yet to come!

Quote:  “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference!”  ~ Mac Anderson. www.simpletruths.com