What An Awesome God!

by | Jun 18, 2021

Psalm 147:11, “the Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love.”

I was thinking last night about the difference between how people thousands of years ago used to view “God” and how Christians seem to see Him today.  Whether it was our God or the Greek gods their view back in the day seemed to be much different than so many people today view God.  They had a healthy fear of the power of God.  It’s sad that they didn’t have the opportunity to view Him as a “Father” but their view of His Holiness, majesty, and power needs to be added back into our view of Him as a “Daddy” figure.  He’s not JUST a dad!  He is God almighty!  He is all-powerful!!  He deserves more respect than the average Christian gives Him!  He knows all!  Nothing we do or say escapes His notice and sometimes we focus too much on His feeling sorry for what we are going through and maybe not enough on how much we should respect the fact that our behavior should also reflect that.  He is Holy and calls us to behave accordingly.  He calls us to be more like Him and that should be our main desire here on earth.  He is the only God and He is the God who heals and protects!  We need to believe in all that He is and it should change our lives and the lives of those around us!

He is the God who sees and He is the God who cares about your broken heart and your needs and desires and He delights in you when you see Him for who He is and when you put all of your hope and faith in Him!  He adores you because He created you.  He put that vacancy in your life so you would pursue Him and His love!  He created you just the way you are and you are His masterpiece and He wants to use you to glorify Him.  Don’t allow anyone to tell you any different.  You are made in His image and He loves you!  His desire is to have a close relationship with you.  He wants to guide you in all that you do!

The world has gone crazy and they are stirring up hatred, fear, and anxiety to the best of their ability, but how much will you fear if you get a glimpse of who your God really is.  God is still on His throne and He wants to be treated as such.  We are called to be different and we need to respect Him for who He is and all of our hope needs to be in Him and the fact that He has an unfailing love for us.  Don’t allow fear to rule your day, “not today satan!”  Hold on to your hope in God for whatever you are facing, knowing that He sees and He loves you and nothing is too great for Him!  I know it gets tough when you have waited seemingly forever, but don’t lose hope!  I have things that weigh heavy on my heart as well and have waited for years for an answer, but my hope is fully in the fact that God sees, He knows more about the situation than I do and He has a plan and He will see it through!  I don’t sit here and write from some “ivory tower” with no problems, Praise God!  It is our story God wants to use so if you don’t have a “story” then what?  Allow God to use all that you have faced and all you will face for Him!  He’s got you and He wants to build a close relationship with you.  You matter more than you think you do.  Don’t waste another day.  Get in your Bible and allow God to show you His plan and to show you the Mighty God that He is.  Trust Him that truly His best is yet to come.  

Quote:  “If what you believe doesn’t affect how you live, then it isn’t very important.”  ~ Dick Nogleberg