What Do You Do When Chaos Strikes? Remember………………

by | Jan 9, 2017

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Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not see.

I absolutely love chapter 11 of Hebrews because it is such a great reminder of some of the mighty things God has done and the faith that those people had to believe Him for it! It was a very refreshing chapter to read as part of my own devotions this morning.

We had a bit of chaos yesterday at our home, nothing compared to what a lot of you are dealing with, but it was still unnerving. We just put our house on the market to sell we were set to have an open house in the afternoon but I woke up in the middle of the night because it was absolutely freezing in our house ~ our main Heat and Air Unit died. When Tim, our AC guy came in to tell us that the whole thing was going to have to be replaced we were mortified! Who wants to buy a new AC unit after you put your house on the market? We decided to go pick up a couple heaters because they can’t replace it until the middle of the week and when I walked in the door from the garage when we got home I was met with a waterfall coming down in the kitchen we had just finished remodeling ~ obviously a pipe froze upstairs and broke! It sort of reminded me of the old song we used to sing in Junior church as a kid…… “the rains came down and the floors came up……” wait, that’s not quite how that goes……….! (I have put so much of my own heart, sweat and time into redoing that kitchen I was horrified!) It will be awhile before the insurance company is done with this project, but thank you Lord for insurance! We could ask, “why” or “is God trying to tell us something”, but right now the only thing to do is trust that as surprised as we are, it wasn’t a surprise to God!

Now, I know that as crazy as our day was yesterday, we have faced much worse and so have you! No matter how big or small your struggle is though, God wants you to trust Him! I am reminded constantly as I reread through the Bible and I see my notes and dates I have written in the margins of all of the things God has brought me through! God is so amazing and can handle whatever we face! That is what Paul was trying to get people to remember in this chapter and he was reminding them that these people had that kind of faith before Jesus had died on the cross and before they had the Holy Spirit within them to comfort and guide them like we do today! We need to remember! We need to remember what He has brought us through and what He has brought others through! We need to keep it in front of us so no matter what comes our way, we know He’s got this and He will make us better and stronger for it! His love is unfathomable and He cares about every single detail of our lives! Praise God He is faithful!

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“It’s in the struggle itself that you define yourself.” Pat Buchanan

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  1. Stacy pfennig

    Thank you for sharing this. I really needed to hear this today because our house is on the market and we are having some challenges selling it and our new house will be ready February 28th. So we are under a crunch to get it sold and to close on it in time to close on our new house. We have been praying for God to send us the right person at the right time. And we know that we need to walk by faith and not by sight and this just reinforce that thought. I hope everything gets better at your house! Now I don’t feel that my troubles are quite so bad