What Is He Working On In Your Life To Show Himself Mighty

by | Oct 20, 2022

Ezekiel 14:8b, “…Then you will know that I am Adonai.”

What is God doing right now in your life in order to show you that He is God?  Is there something He has been trying to draw you away from or add to your life?  Is there something you have in your life that you have allowed to become more important than your walk with Him?  In the book of Ezekiel, we see that God was so frustrated with the people of Israel that He was warning them of the disasters He was about to bring on them because they chose to worship idols instead of Him.  They forced His hand and He knew the only way to bring them back was through discipline so they would recognize that He was God.

Sometimes God may use something drastic to get our attention, but His desire is that His mercy and grace will draw us.  He is so patient and He loves us more than words can say.  His desire is to guide each of us into all He created us to be.  

Sometimes when you are just at your wits end with waiting on your answer from God, you just need to remind yourself that if you will just wait on Him and allow Him to work He will show up mighty in your life.  Too often we tend to get in a rush and we get tired of waiting so we jump in to handle it all ourselves and then wonder why God didn’t seem to show up.  Trusting God and His timing in everything, regardless of how things may look, is vital to seeing Him show up mighty.  We don’t see God move in our lives because we get too impatient.  We tend to want control and that isn’t how it works.  Faith is saying, “God, I leave it all in your hands and I am trusting you and your timing.  Please help me to leave it all in your hands.”  It isn’t always easy, but the more you do that the more you will see Him moving in your life and the more you will trust Him.  He is God!  He sees everything and He knows, but when we choose to go our own way, we can’t blame Him.  It’s almost like trying to teach a small child to color within the lines ~ if they choose to push you away believing that they know and they don’t want to wait for you to show them, then the picture is going to look a lot different.  If you tell God you can handle it and you don’t have room in your life for Him to guide you or take His time when you feel it needs to be done right now, then you miss out and your picture is going to look a lot different.  Wait on God and ask Him for His guidance so He can show you that He is God and everyone around you will recognize it too!

Ask God today what it is that He is trying to do in your life so you will see and those around you will see that “He is God”?  Are you open to His leading?  He wants to use you and your story for His glory and to lead others to Him.  He wants to grow your faith and trust in Him.  Don’t hold anything back knowing that then truly His best is yet to come in your life!

Quote:  “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson