“What Light? I’m Still Looking For The Tunnel!”

by | Sep 27, 2021

Psalm 27:14,  “Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait I say, on the Lord!”

There isn’t a Christian in this world who doesn’t occasionally get to the point when waiting becomes a more daunting task than they feel they can handle.  Sometimes when waiting for that answer or move of God in your life it can begin to be a struggle of its own because we get impatient.  Along with waiting, we must trust His timing.  Society is becoming more and more impatient all of the time.  Think about how much faster we can do pretty much everything than they could a hundred years ago.  It’s pretty drastic!  Cars were a new thing, they had radios but not television, there were no microwaves or heat and air units, there were no cell phones…. The list goes on and on if you just take a look around.  Now, while these things have benefitted us greatly they have also increased our level of impatience.  Now if someone doesn’t answer their cell phone people become outraged because what could possibly be more important and yet back in the day you had to wait to use the phone if you had a “party line” and your neighbor was on the phone, and then when you could finally call, that person may not be home and you were going to have to just wait to get ahold of them.  Patience and waiting seem to be becoming lost virtues.  

I love watching my grandkids play sports and one of the boys just cracks me up when he plays football because when he is ready for the hike (he plays defense) his feet start moving and he is ready to take off in the direction of whoever has that ball.  He is pretty much running in place before he actually takes off and that is how I often feel when I am waiting on God.  It’s like I am antsy, just anticipating that “snap” so I can get moving and the problem comes when it seems delayed by maybe a “false start” or some other penalty or “time out”. 

What are you waiting for today?  Is it a simple answer or is it something that you believe your life depends on?  Whatever it may be, allow Him to strengthen your heart and give you courage and “wait I say, on the Lord!”  Don’t allow those time-outs or penalties to hinder your confidence that God’s got this!  He knows and He sees and His answer is on the way, but you must wait on Him.  Taking off too soon can slow down the entire process so take courage that you know He is working even when you can’t see it.  Don’t go your own way!  Hope is found in Him and in Him alone.  What are you going to do out there on your own and why would you want to do that when you can have the God of all creation guiding you?  While that seems like a very simple question to have God lead you or try figuring it all out on your own, too often we get impatient and we take off before the “snap” and find we have to line up all over again.  Don’t go there.  God is always working.  He doesn’t sleep and your situation has not taken Him by surprise.  He had the solution before you had the problem so you must trust Him to see it through.  He knows what you don’t know and He sees what you cannot see ~ trust Him!  

I would like to encourage you to seek God with your whole heart.  Don’t hold onto anything that may stand in your way.  Ask Him if there’s anything that needs to go or needs to be added in your walk with Him.  His best is on the horizon if you are following Him.  If you are following Him and life just seems to be getting darker every day and you can barely see which way to go ~ it is always darkest just before the dawn.  Keep your eyes on Him.

Quote:  “What light?  I’m still looking for the tunnel!”  ~ Unknown  (If this is where you are ~ ask God to shine His light on your situation, He loves you so much!)