What Seems Pressing In Your Life Today?

by | Jul 28, 2013

Philippians 3:14  I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

What are you striving for?  We all have something that we want more than anything, whether it is a particular achievement at work or maybe a certain position or job, maybe it’s a certain kind of house, or certain amount of money.  What is it that is driving you to keep pushing forward?

There’s nothing wrong with being motivated in your work or even for good things but we must make sure that our priorities are in order.  Are you striving for  things just for your own pleasure and forgetting God?  Priorities need to be continually checked to be sure we don’t allow them to get out of line.  It is easy to get so caught up in something whether it is work or relationships that we lose the order of our priorities.

When we keep God at the top of our list of priorities and we keep our families priorities under that and so on we will find that everything will start to fall into place.  When our work or something we desire comes before God and or our family then we are in deep trouble and that is when things begin to fall apart.

Make it a habit to check your priorities on a regular basis.  How much time are you spending with God in comparison to other things?  How much time do you spend focusing on how you are leading your family?  The biggest issue with teens today is that they are just looking for someone to care enough to lead them, in fact I have seen some toddlers that feel the same way.  Scary – if we don’t lead the children, the world will!

I challenge you to take a calendar this week and look at the month of August and fill in each day with what you do on a regular basis and what you have scheduled out for the month.  If you really want an eye opener color code it; one color for time for God, one for focus on your family, one for work, one for you, one for ……… then look at it and see what color stands out.  Now, don’t get confused here, listen to me for a moment;  Just because your color that you fill in for Bible Studies, going to church and maybe reading godly books or listening to speakers doesn’t fill in all of your days compared to work or family doesn’t mean that you can’t be focused on Him in all you do!  Balance!  If you are in God’s word and you ask Him for His direction and attitudes throughout your day you will be honoring Him in everything else you do!  Make sense?

Pray and ask God today if your priorities honor Him.  Ask Him to show you any areas that are maybe out of line and ask Him to help you straighten it all out!  Honor Him today with all that you do!

Quote:   “It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life…. we can never help another without helping ourselves.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson