What’s Holding You Back?

by | Apr 22, 2022

Joshua 7:13 “…..for thus says the Lord, God of Israel, ‘There are devoted things in your midst, O Israel.  You cannot stand before your enemies until you take away the devoted things from among you.’”

Have you felt lately that no matter how hard you try there is an obstacle that you just seem to get past?  Is there something you know you are called to do but you just can’t seem to get there?  Maybe the thing that is holding you back from all that God has for you is that “devoted thing” you won’t let go of!

There are times in all of our lives that we realize that there is something holding us back and a lot of times it is that tight grip we have on something that means maybe just a little too much to us.  Your “devoted thing” could be money or comfort, it could be tv shows you are watching that you know Jesus wouldn’t sit through, maybe it is clinging to that negative self-image you have of yourself!  What is your devoted thing?  It could be something big or it could be something little, but whatever it is stop letting it hold you back from God’s best!  God created you with a purpose and He has put within you what you need to accomplish it!  Self-pity can even become a devoted thing if you allow it to.  Don’t focus on the past or what anyone else is or isn’t doing ~ focus on Him.  Don’t focus on revenge ~ focus on Him.  Don’t focus on the hurts ~ focus on Him.  All of those things can become “devoted things” if they are taking your eyes off of God.  He wants you to go to Him with boldness, trusting Him to take care of what you can’t take care of and He wants your full attention.  Open your hand and give Him your hurt, your anger, your frustrations, disappointments, things you know you are doing that you know He has told you to quit, give it all to Him and leave it all there.  Ask Him to show you anything you are missing and give it to Him.  Ask Him to give you His confidence for all that you need to do.  It’s time to act like a child of The King!

If God is asking you to give something up, it is because His plan is better!  Let it go!  Nothing in this world is worth missing out on God’s best!  Give it all to Him, no matter what it is, and trust Him!  God’s way is always best!  His way is always higher, but you need to trust Him that you can let that thing go because His best is yet to come!

Quote: Wherever you go…. go there with all your heart!


  1. Greg Lynch (Staunch feminist from way back)

    Spot on as always Janet. Your writings speak so strongly for me and really light my dark difficult path to where I need to be. I can’t thank you enough so please take heart that you are making a huge impact on some peoples lives, I hope to write you a real letter one day. From Carterton in the sunny Waiarapa in New Zealand.

    • Janet Scott

      Thank you for your words of encouragement! ~ Have a blessed day! Janet