When You Just Can’t See Why ~ Trust His Plan

by | Jun 21, 2016

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Job 23:10
But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.

Let’s face it ladies, there are times when we all look at what is going on in our lives and wonder why on earth God would allow it or take us through it.

Thinking back on week and a half my son and I worked on the Mother in-law suite Bill’s Mom used to live in, we painted and in the end even laid down laminate flooring. Oh my! What a job! By the last night I thought that if we had had the energy, we may have killed someone just from pure frustration if they said anything to us about the work we were doing. Laying down laminate flooring is a lot more “exact” than you may assume…… at least it was for us! There are details such as; for best results lay it from left to right, when you stagger the boards there are certain lengths you need to stay within, you need to have a certain amount of space around every wall and immovable object for the wood to expand and contract ~there are places we are praying do not contract or expand, just sayin. There were times we would crack up laughing and times we wanted to sit down and cry and there were many times when I was praying someone would just come rescue us from the project saying they would just do it for us ~ trust me there’s a reason people don’t! My point is that there is a pattern and in order to have a floor that looks right in the end, it must be done a certain way. There were details we had to learn that almost seemed crazy and there are little things that we looked at in the end and could only laugh because they aren’t quite right, but it is just part of the floor now. The floor looks great but it was quite the process.

Your life is often like that floor, there is a certain way that things have to go in order for you to be molded into all that God created you to be. There are times things come into our lives that are there because of something maybe you or someone else has done that didn’t quite line up but, God will still use that. If you will open yourself up to allowing Him to move and mold you then you will find that in the end you are the beautiful woman He has meant for you to be. Life isn’t easy for anyone, but it can be amazing if you will just trust that He has a plan and a purpose and that He will use all of those awful things that come along and those struggles to make you stronger and to equip you for all that lies ahead! Psalm 121:1 “I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come?” Keep your eyes on Him and trust that as He says in Jeremiah 29:11 ~ He has a plan and it is for your good! The best is yet to come!

“Mountaintops inspire leaders but valleys mature them.” J. Phillip Everson