Where Oh Where is Your “Suddenly”?

by | Feb 11, 2019

Psalm 120:1. In my distress, I called to the Lord, and he answered me.

No one is exempt from struggles and heartaches in this life.  Here we have David talking about crying out to God when He was at the end of his rope!  Think about Joseph and his prison stay for things he had never done, for him it was one thing after the next and he had done nothing wrong.  God brought Joseph out of the prison one day and made him the leader of the country second only to Pharaoh.  One day Ruth was gleaning in the fields and the next she owned the fields.  The list goes on and on so why not you?

God has a habit of doing things “suddenly”!  If you are waiting it may not seem like it is happening “suddenly” right now, but He seems to like to do things in a dramatic way so He can be glorified through it and other people are drawn to Him!  Honor Him today by trusting Him that your suddenly maybe today!  Don’t give up!  What if Joseph decided to get angry and turn his back on God when year after year his life just seemed to get worse!  He had no idea if he would ever get out of prison, all he could do was hang on to the promises of God.  God likes to do things in our lives so that when others look on they cannot deny that it is Him.  Trust Him!  

“God takes a long time to do something suddenly!”  He is patient and He knows the best timing for it all!  Trust Him with His timing.  While you wait don’t allow satan to beat you up with his lies!  Don’t allow doubt in the character of God to seep in!  Trust in the Nature of God, knowing that He is Sovereign and Holy and always good!  He loves you and He cares and He wants you to trust Him!  Trust in His love for you!  He didn’t withhold His son to save your soul so why would He stop caring now?  Grab hold of who you are in Christ today!  Write down verses to encourage you and to help keep you strong and carry them with you!  Spend time with Him in His word and in prayer!  Allow Him to work in and through your situation to draw others to Him, knowing that His best is yet to come!  Get excited!  What if today is your “and suddenly”?  Are you believing for it?  If you are wavering, let me encourage you to ask God to help your unbelief!  Maybe you have waited so long that it is difficult for you to imagine any change ever happening, but don’t give up!  He loves you and He wants to get glory through your situation!  He wants others to look on and say, “wow!  That was truly God!”  Trust Him!  Don’t set an agenda for how it has to turn out, trust Him to do what is best!

Quote:  “Courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’  ~ Simple Truths www.simpletruths.com

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  1. Sandy

    My “suddenly” came recently. My dr has been requesting knee surgery for me for several months. The insurance would only approve partial and the morning of the partial they approved the additional for arthroscopy after 4 tries! God is awesome!

    • Janet

      That is so awesome Sandy!! Thank you so much for sharing this! We all need the encouragement of the praises in our life! Have a blessed week! ~ Janet

  2. Dana

    Dear Janet,
    I so needed to hear your encouraging message today!! (as I am sure there are many other women out there feeling the same way 🙂 Thank you so much for the reminder of how God does things — so needed to be reminded and be encouraged <3
    God bless you and keep you always!!

    • Janet

      Thank you Dana! Have a blessed week!