Why Being An Imperfect Parent Is WAY MORE FUN!

by | Sep 24, 2014



Bill and I loved chatting with Dr. Joshua Straub.  He brought a lot of wisdom on this topic.  Perhaps you are stressed over not being the perfect parent. 0H8A5975 This podcast will really help you relax so you can enjoy your kids so much more.  The three of us had some great laughs as we talked about being a parent and what that really meant.

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From Dr. Joshua, “For encouragement and ideas on marriage and parenting in the 21st century you can join me and a growing tribe of awesome families at www.joshuastraub.com and follow my nerdy postings and ideas on Twitter @joshuastraub or Facebook.

If you have a more personal situation you need help navigating, I also meet with couples, parents, and families as a relationship consultant and coach as well.:

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