Will You Take The Time… They Need Jesus

by | Jun 13, 2021

Mark 16:15,  And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

You may not be able to “go into all the world” but you can certainly show the love of God and share the gospel with those around you.  You can’t just bolt in and throw scripture at people, you have to live a life that shows the love of God so you can earn the right to speak into their lives.

If you want to change the world then you have to share Jesus with them.  That is the only way to bring the right change.  In America, we have taken Jesus out of everything and too often refuse to stand for what is right and then we wonder why we are in the mess we are in!  The answer is Jesus!  They need Jesus!  

Children need to be taught the word of God and they need you to spend time pouring into them and reading and praying with them!  Abby is 15 and we still spend time talking about God’s word and how it applies to everyday life and all that He does or has done or is going to do and we pray together because I want her to know how important it is!  Teaching them about God and teaching them to make the best choices, not just good ones is vital to their growing into all God created them to be.  You cannot leave it to someone else to do, they need you actively involved in their walk with God.

Do you know your neighbors?  What kind of person do they see you as?  Are things so private in your neighborhood that all everyone does is wave and smile?  Do you know the names of the people at your grocery store or are they just employees to you?  I had to laugh one day not long ago when I was at the self-checkout and a young man named Javier that works the self-checkout came up and said, “Janet, did you know that I am a dad now?”  He was just beaming from ear to ear!  I don’t know this young man except for the fact that when he started working there I asked him how to pronounce his name so I would not mispronounce it and Abby and I always said hi and used his name, just like we do the other employees at the store.  We used to be there almost every day, so we saw them a lot, we will be living a bit farther away so it won’t be so often now, but as Abby said the other day, “we can’t leave ‘our people’ yet.”  She loves getting their names and using them and just letting them know that they are seen, it’s awesome!  Simple things that can be done so when the opportunity comes when maybe they need prayer, you can do it and they will appreciate it and it will speak to their hearts faster than ignoring them every day, not caring to even catch their name and then trying to tell them they need Jesus.  Yes, it takes time and everyone is so busy…. Too busy!

It is to be our mission to reach others with the gospel no matter what your job is or where you live.  When you look at others and you can see that they don’t know Him, instead of pulling away, be His hands and feet.  Pray for them to come to the saving knowledge of God!  Show them what He’s like by living as He would.  Spend more time with Him so you become more like Him and so they see Him in all that you do!  Make the best choices for your life so they can even see Him in that!  Ask Him to fill you with HIs love for people and for Him to open the doors for you to share His love with the world around you!  This wasn’t just a commission for His disciples, it is a commission for each of us!

Quote:  “If the Devil can’t make you bad, he will make you busy.”  ~ Corrie ten Boom