Would You Help Keep Our Prayer Room Open?

by | Feb 1, 2017


As you know we are raising $600 towards our prayer room so we can keep that going.  We really need to know the money is raised by the end of the week.  So far $180 has come in towards this powerful project.  Towards the bottom of this letter I’ve included some new ways you can give today.  I am hoping that three ladies might consider a special one-time gift of $100.

First, let me tell you how grateful I am that you have joined our community.  I love seeing how God is using Chocolate and God to encourage all of us.  One of the big tools we are using here at Chocolate and God is our Prayer Works.  We get a ton of prayer requests and  and it’s so awesome to see women praying for women in this section of our web site.

Here is where I need your help.  Bill and I pay for about 99 percent of everything for Chocolate and God.  We have to renew the service that provides our prayer room and app.  The cost of this is $600 and I’ll be honest we don’t have it right now.  We have a number of expenses coming up with the site and that is ok but we really need your help if you feel inclined to get involved.

We are not a non-profit organization so your gifts will not be tax deductible when you give.  I just wanted everyone to know, for some that makes a difference.

Chocolate and God reaches over 4,000 ladies each day in 80 countries and it’s people like you that help us make that available.  I believe that prayer is a big part of what we do daily.


There are three ways you can send money.  One of the easiest way is to use a web site called CASHME.  You can sign up in 60 seconds and send a donation using a credit card or a debit card.  Go to https://cash.me and once you are set up just send money to what they call a CASH TAG and just put in ($Janetscott7373) and we’ll receive your gift instantly.  You can also download their CASH AP for your phone.

If you would like to use PayPal.com to send money, just put in this number and it will send to our account.  615-525-5570.  All money raised this week will go 100 percent to Chocolate and God.  If you would like to send a check to the following: Bill Scott Group, 2788 Thompson Station Road East, Thompson Station, TN  37179.  That is my husbands account and he’ll make sure 100 percent of funds goes to help Chocolate and God  We cannot do this without you and we need to make sure we pay for this service by next week.  If you are going to send a check would you email me and let me know that is what you are doing and the amount so we can keep track of what is coming in towards this project.

Any size gift would be a major blessing this week to keep our prayer room open.  I really do appreciate the opportunity to speak into your life on a daily basis.  I am so excited to see what God is going to do in 2017 through this ministry and the great ladies that are part of this community.

If you have any questions, please email me personally at [email protected].


Janet Scott