Would you pray for the urgent financial need at Chocolate and God this week?

by | Jun 24, 2020


It’s been a difficult few weeks.  I’m sure you have noticed that there have been issues with the Chocolate and God website and emails not going out every day.  Praise God we have found a company to work on the website and email issues.  It’s been a challenge I won’t lie and it’s costing money.

I need your help.  I need to pay this company for their work and at the same time feel like it’s time to upgrade the email platform so we know things are more stable.  The cost of the repairs, a new email platform, and security for the next 12 months and a new website are more than what we can afford.  I thought it was going to be $1600 but it’s closer to $4000 by the time we do things right.  I don’t want to just put a bandaid on the problems but want to make sure we roll out something that is going to work for a while.  Bill and I take getting God’s Word out daily very seriously, as a matter of fact, we are putting in the first $1000 personally and would love for someone to match our gift.

The lastest total is $3000 that has come in.  We only have $1000 to go to reach the goal.  Would you pray about making a donation?  As you know it’s very rare that we ask for money at Chocolate of God.  My husband and I try to take care of most of the costs but this is too much for us to handle alone.  It would only take 10 ladies at $100 to finish the goal.  You can give more or give less, every gift counts and will make an impact.  At the end of the day, it’s going to take folks doing whatever number God has placed on their heart.  Would you pray about helping out?  For each person giving a gift of $100 or more, I’ll send you my book.  Thousands of ladies are part of Chocolate and God and we just need a few that would invest in other women around the world, so they can receive Chocolate and God as well.  Maybe there are just 10 ladies that would make a single gift of $100 or that one person that will meet Bill and me with a $1000 gift.  Again, every donation is a massive blessing right now regardless of size.

You can give in the following ways.

On any credit card and Apple PayCLICK HERE


Venmo – Janet-Scott-11

Thank you in advance for your support.  Together we will reach women around the world for Christ.

God bless,

Janet Scott