You Have More To Offer Than You May Think!

by | Sep 4, 2023

Psalm 139:13,  “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.”  

Okay, let’s really dig into the fact that God, the Creator of everything took the time to direct every detail of who you are, every gift, every talent, every hair, every single detail about you for a reason.  You didn’t just get thrown together or somehow come out as some mass-produced human from some long production line.  He thought out every detail and He made you special for a reason and for His purpose.  Don’t make light of that.  How’s your self-esteem doing today?  Seriously?  Don’t just blow over the question, take a moment and take some inventory of who you have come to believe you are.

Let’s define a couple of words here:

SELF-ESTEEM:  Confidence in one’s own abilities; self respect.

HUMILITY:  A modest view of one’s own importance.

Alright, there are multitudes of reasons why God wants you to have a healthy self-esteem and one of them is because when we don’t, then we don’t treat ourselves or other people well either.  When you learn to value the creation of God in you then you will value the creation of others.  One of the biggest problems in the world is the fact that people don’t value people and that is satan’s plan.  God created you and satan hates you and if he can get you to hate you then it is a breeze for him to get you to have no use or value for anyone else.  If you have no self-respect then it would be difficult to have any respect for anyone else.  That is not of God at all.

Being humble is not having a low opinion of yourself, it is having a healthy opinion of your importance.  When you see yourself and others for who God created each of us to be then humility is a natural thing.  You don’t see yourself beneath others or above others for any reason.  You don’t have a problem showing respect for others because you see them as God’s creation and they have great value in His eyes and remember ~ so do you!  

Having a healthy self-esteem is to see and appreciate your God-given talents and gifts.  Take a good look at who He created you to be.  I mean seriously, take a look.  Sit down and write out the talents you know you have and the things other people have told you that are positive about you.  Don’t let the lies of who satan wants you to think you are or the hateful things others have said about you even enter your thoughts.  Stop them at the door of your mind because they are not from God.  Now, understand that you are called to take those gifts and talents and ask God to help you hone those skills into all they are supposed to be so you can become and accomplish all He created you to be and accomplish for Him.  Dig deep and ask God to show you any talents or gifts that you are overlooking.  How will you ever accomplish what you were created to accomplish if you allow satan to keep you in a place of seeing yourself as less than God created you to be?  God has a plan, but you aren’t going to accomplish it by pointing out everything you find wrong with yourself.

God wants you to be confident in who He created you to be!  STOP saying you are “nobody”!  You are somebody to God and He never intended for you or anyone else to mock who He created you to be!  He wants you to grow so much in that confidence that you just naturally bring out the best in others as well.  As you recognize who He created you to be you will have more respect and appreciation for the gifts and talents He has put in others.  Instead of jealousy or hatred, you will be filled with His love for other people and who God created them to be.  That is how we develop humility, by learning to have an appreciation for who God made you to be, and who God made each and every individual you have the opportunity to come in contact with.  Take a look around.  God didn’t make you “less than” or “more than”, He made you with an Almighty God planned out purpose!  He did the same for every person that has ever lived or ever will and as we grow in respect for Who God is and all that He created each of us to be the more we will be able to accomplish for Him and help others accomplish as well.  

Ask God to help you today to take an inventory of who you are.  Don’t neglect the activity of writing down all of the positives you can think of about yourself or what others have said about you.  Don’t touch that negative garbage and say, “get thee behind me satan.”  Maybe you need to take the time to write those out as affirmations on some cards and carry them with you so you can remind yourself when you start to forget or doubt.  It’s a battle for your confidence because if satan can keep you from recognizing your true potential, you will miss it.  You don’t want to miss out!  You are a child of the Most-High God if you have accepted Him as your Savior. You are not honoring Him and who He created you to be by running yourself in the ground or allowing anyone else to either.  God created you to be “somebody” for Him.  Don’t make light of that or you will miss out not only on what He has for you to do but also in helping others to do the same!  Figuring out who you are according to Him is how you will develop the ability to serve Him in confidence and Godly humility.

Quote:  “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt