You Must Choose To Believe First…

by | Jul 23, 2023

2 Corinthians 5:7,  “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

Whew!  That’s a tall order for most of us.  Most people live with a “show me” and then I will believe mindset and God is calling us to live by a Faith mindset.  Every day we have a choice, which one we will choose to live by.  I find myself quite often pleading with Him like the man who said, “I believe, help my unbelief!”  Where do you find yourself today?  Are you confident that He knows what is best about every detail or are you saying, “show me first.”

I was reading in Psalms this morning and in chapter 78 the Psalmist is going back over the history of the Israelites and their journey out of Egypt and through the wilderness and how God provided for them and yet they still didn’t trust God.  They got angry, and they rebelled, and they were downright mouthy to the same God that parted the water and allowed them to pass over on dry ground through the Red Sea.  They didn’t trust Him!  They even made comments like, “sure he provided water for us, but CAN He make meat for us?”  We can say, “wow” and yet there are times we all do somewhat similar things, maybe not to that degree, but we question His heart or willingness to do what He has said He will do.  We need to be very careful because it says in verses 21 – 22, in this chapter, “When the Lord heard them, he was furious;  His fire broke out against Jacob, and His wrath rose against Israel, for they did not believe in God.”  

God wants us to believe His Words.  He wants us to learn to rely on Him.  We have all pretty much grown up away from that concept.  We live in a world of “work hard and do what you can” and you will be ok, not “work hard and give it to God, ask Him what you need to do and trust Him with the results.” We have wondered from His leading and yes, there are still a lot of successful people out there and we can maybe accomplish a lot, but what are we missing?  We are missing out on a deeper relationship with Him.  Walking with God and having faith doesn’t mean you will always be poor, lacking, or in need, it means that you are following Him and you are trusting Him to provide, guide, and always do what is best in your life.  There are people who are highly successful and some are even very wealthy that follow God that closely.  Part of trust is believing that no matter what comes if you are putting all of your faith and hope in Him, it’s what you need and He will get glory in and through you and your life because you trust Him.  I am not really sure where the “poor mindset” came from that if you walk by faith, you will be poor or that being poor is a sign of godliness.  Look at Job!  Job was a godly man and according to the Bible, He was one of the wealthiest men of his time.  That doesn’t mean that everyone godly will be wealthy either, especially if you are thinking that it is just going to drop in your lap without doing your part, that’s the whole point.  If you are walking with God you are trusting Him for everything either way.  Job was wealthy and blessed one minute and he lost it all within a matter of hours!  He still trusted God!  You can’t trust in money, or a job, or anything else ~ it could be gone tomorrow, and then what?  Put your faith and trust in Him!  Step out and do that thing He is telling you to do and trust Him that truly His best is yet to come when you are putting all of your faith and hope in Him and walking with Him!

I would like to encourage each of us today to walk in the faith that God is working in each of our lives and He will do what is best if you are walking with Him.  No matter where you are in life, ask Him to guide you in all that you do.  Don’t wait until you have a need.  Ask Him for the faith and trust in Him that you need for every single detail of your life!  Do what He has put in front of you to do today.  Allow Him to grow you into all He created you to be.  Don’t settle for where you are in life ~ strive to be reading and growing.  If you want His best you must also do your best and seek Him with your whole heart at the same time.  Ask Him what His dreams are for your life ~ I can assure you they are bigger than yours!

Quote:  “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  ~ Chinese Proverb