Your Hope Today is in God – He Sees Where You Are!

by | Jun 9, 2012

Job 13:15  Though he slay me, I will hope in Him;

No matter what our circumstances are we need to always remember just as Job did that our hope is still always in God.  God is the one who is for us and if Job could know that no matter what came his way even though he didn’t deserve his torment that he was going through his hope was still in God, then certainly so can we.

Bill and I were watching a show about Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon and they were trying to make a big decision in their life and it really struck me that unsaved people can’t look at situations like that and say, “well, let’s pray about it and see where God leads.”  They are on their own, it is by their own choice but they are on their own, they can only “hope for the best” but that hope doesn’t stem from knowing that they are following the God of the universe who will have their backs in times of struggle and temptation.  Worse yet they have no hope for their eternity, all of their decisions are based on the here and now.  That is a sad state to be in.  As Christians we aren’t there, we have a “hope and a future” and it is in God!

God loves you today and I am truly sorry if you are struggling or if you know someone who is.  I would encourage you to hang on to your hope that is in God.  Cry out to Him just as Job did, it is ok to ask ‘why’, I would encourage you to do so respectfully but ask Him to reveal to you what you need to learn in this time and to deliver you from whatever it is you are dealing with and then place your faith and hope in Him, knowing He loves you and He will bring it all to pass!

Don’t live as those who have no hope because they don’t know Christ!  Hold your head high today knowing that God does care and He wants to give you hope today!  Trust in Him with your whole heart, don’t trust your thoughts and your ways, give it all to Him and allow Him to direct your paths in life.

Quote:   “It’s in the struggle that you define yourself.”  Pat Buchanan