Your Lord Lives! Seek His Face!

by | Jun 25, 2021

Psalm 18: 46, “The Lord lives!  Praise be to my Rock!  Exalted be God my Savior!”

No matter what David faced, whether a lion or a bear, or a giant, or King Saul and all of his warriors, David sought God’s face and trusted in Him.  

With everything going on in the world and more than likely in your own life it is tough some days to not cave into panic or fear, but I would like to encourage you that God is still your Rock and He is alive and He sees, and He cares, and He is still faithful to His Word when you are faithful to Him.  Stand firm in your faith in Him.  Hearing about the horrible tragedy in Florida with half of that Condominium Complex collapsing it was bewildering to think of how one side fell and people were injured and some died while the other half is still standing ~ no one knew what was coming when they went to bed that night.  What a tragedy for all of those families, and the fact that it could possibly have been the fact that they are saying now that part of the building must have been “settling” or “sinking” faster than the other side and no one noticed or said anything?  They aren’t sure yet what happened and for the sake of all of the people involved and other buildings in that area, I pray that they figure it out soon.  But the point is that life is full of uncertainties and things beyond our control.  How do you handle that?  Where are you looking for comfort, direction, and peace in the midst of all of the craziness?

Again ~ “The Lord lives!  Praise be to my Rock!  Exalted be God my Savior!”  God loves you!  Seek His face through good times and bad.  Don’t just wait until your world is falling apart be prepared by seeking His face every day!  David didn’t wait, He was out in the fields watching sheep for his dad and playing the harp and praising God, and growing in His walk with God.  He would never have been called a man after God’s heart if He wasn’t seeking the heart of God.  Was David perfect, well obviously not, but he owned his mistakes ~ all of them ~ and he allowed God to move and work in his life, and trusted that even in God’s discipline, He would always do what was right?

So, no matter what is going on around you or in your life today, seek God and remember He is alive and actively working on it all.  Pursue Him so everyone around you will see Him and be drawn to Him.  Our time here is short and all that you will do here will affect all of your eternity and the eternity of those around you.  We can’t fully grasp eternity, but believe me, it’s a long time.  Seek God’s face today and every day knowing that truly His best is yet to come!

Quote:  “Faith believes in spite of the circumstances and acts in spite of the consequences.”  ~ Adrian Rogers